Coconut sambal 200 ml


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Sambal Kokos, or Coconut sambal.
The surprise for your taste butts
A mild chilipaste for everybody

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Due to the use of fresh young coconut, this one is temperature sensitive. Best kept refrigerated even before opening. 
You get the most tase when you get it out the fridge half an hour before use.

Peppers, onions, soy oil, young coconut, coconut creme, coconut milk, garlic,  natural citric acid, galanga root and a biologic preservative based on buckthorn.

Nutricional values per 100 grams:

Energy                       165 Kcal / 736 Kj
fat                              8,54 gr
saturated                  1,24 %
Carbohydrates          6,91 gr
Sugars                       4,9 gr
Food fiber                  3,4 gr
Protein                       1,2 gr
Salt                            < 0,06 gr